Top universities in the United States | 2019 US University Ranking

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The US is the best platform for study. It has more than 4000 educational institutions with a wide range of study options. Students can be opted course according to their interest. The US has many qualities to attract people from different countries.
The Universities of US are well-known for their excellent quality education. The degree of US Universities is world-wide recognized. The aim of educational institutions is to increase the overall personality of students. Teaching is planned in a way to be applicable to practical knowledge.
There are numerous benefits of studying in US Universities. It provides students a friendly environment, good employment opportunity,and peace of mind. To get Student visa for the US, candidate is required to submit original passports, academic certificates, IELTS result and work experience certificate.
Top Universities in the US -
1.    University of Oxford :
The University of Oxford is one of the top Universities in the US. It places with arch-rival Cambridge to rank fifth in the world. Oxford has been helped in the ranking by its excellent reputation. It has a strong ratio of faculty members to students. Among the oldest university in the English-speaking world, it is the world’s largest university press.
2.    University of Cambridge :
The University of Cambridge is the top University which is found in 1209. It is made up of 31 constituent colleges. Cambridge has graduated the likes of Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Emma Thompson,and Stephen Fry.
3.    Harvard University :
It is the oldest University in the country. It is in the third position in the US WorldUniversity rankings. It has large and residential campus. It provides a wide range of fields including law, engineering and medicine. There are 20,000 students have enrolled approximately. The library system is made up of 79 libraries and it is the largest academic library in the world.
4.    California Institute of Technology :
This educational institute is one of the first four universities which are highly lodged. It is located in the city of Pasadena, California. It is the smallest university. There are approximate 2000 students at the university. It has the highest ratio of students.
5.    Princeton University :
It is a prestigious university in the world. There are more than 8000 students are enrolled at Princeton. The campus is located about an hour away from both New York and Philadelphia. The application process is highly strict. Degree courses are necessary to make an admission in Princeton.
6.    Stanford University :
It was founded in 1885 by Lelane Stanford. It is located in the heart of siliconvalley. Stanford’s campus is the largest campuses in the United States. There are more than 16000 students are enrolled. It has seven schools on a single campus. This university has an athletics powerhouse. It was awarded with top intercollegiate athletics program in the world.
7.    University of Chicago :
This University is an urban research university which has managed new ways of thinking. Their aim is to learn students and make them able to critical thinking. We develop critical and analytical skills in students. There are more than century students are enrolled. The University of Chicago is the intellectual community in Chicago.
8.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology :
This is the coeducational and independent university in the city of Cambridge. It was established in 1861. Its aim is to provide information and prepare students in various different fields. It has around 11000 graduate and undergraduate students. It is recently organized into 5 different schools. It gives pressure on innovation, creativity,and entrepreneurship.
9.    Columbia University :
Columbia University is founded in 1974. It is one of the oldest Universities of US. It was built in the Roman classic style. The main campus of this university is in the heart of New York on Broadway. It has 20 schools and 23 libraries. It has nine Columbia Global centers that motive to raise cooperation between staff, students and alumni in order to identify global challenges.
Conclusion :
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