What is Scholarship?

For the aspirants, scholarship is an award in the form of finance. Scholarships are catered on the basis of distinct list, which generally imitates the desires and value of the donor.


What is Fellowship?

Fellowship is a course of time of medical training in the US and Canada where a physician or dentist engage themselves to complete a specialty training program (residency). In this course of time (usually more than year), the aspirant is known as a fellow. Fellows are adequate of carrying out and attending as a physician or a consultant physician in the generic field which they are qualified in, such as enclosed medicine or pediatrics. As the fellow intact in the applicatory division of the sub-specialty, the fellow is affirmed to practice without the surveillance of the superior physicians in the sub-specialty, like as cardiology or oncology.

Graduate Schools face problem in funding in order to pay the tuition fees and living expenses. Favorably, the set of government agencies, institutions of higher education and other organizations that recognize the value of a graduate education, and these parties appreciate the concern of guidance to the students who wish to attend the master degree PhD degree. Through convenient graduate fellowship, such organization makes it accessible for the students to capitalize their graduate studies with the accord of freedom, the fellowship are given by the distinct university, where the students are expected to execute his or her research work to earn their degree.

Fellowships have traditionally been awarded to graduate and post-graduate students, but there are an increasing number of fellowships available to recent college graduates in public policy, the arts, education, and other nonprofit fields.

Fellowship Benefits

The individuals chosen for the USC School of Pharmacy fellowship program are qualified health, dental and other benefits provided to university students and to:

An allowance of approximately $51,000.

Professional liability insurance provided at affiliated institutional sites

What is an assistantship?

An assistantship is a form of financial assistance arranged for the graduate students through part-time academic employment. An allowance is rewarded to the assistants in conversion of assignments they accomplish for the faculty member, the department, or the college. Teaching assistantships give allowance in return of the teaching activities, such as assisting a professor by administrating lab or study groups, preparing lectures, and grading. Research assistantships compensate student for supporting the professor in his/her research work.

There are three types of Assistantship:

Graduate Assistant (GA), Research Assistant (RA), Teaching Assistant (TA)

The Graduate schools are high priced. The anticipation of acquiring debt is never appealing. Most of the aspirants chase for some favorable circumstances to work for at least a ration of their tuition. . The teaching assistantship allows students to learn how to teach in return of the tuition expenses.

An assistantship is a kind of capitalization in which the student is an assistant in occurrence of the allowance. The aspirants rewarded with the research assistantships become research assistants and are appointed under the professor in the lab. The supervising faculty member may or may not be the student's chief advisor. The responsibilities of research assistants differ by cultivation and lab but comprehend all assignments needed to pursue research in a given area, such as:

  • data collection, entry, and analysis
  • reviewing the literature and other library work
  • writing reports
  • copying, filing, and collating
  • organizing and/or cleaning the lab or office

A graduate assistantship is a way for a graduate student to work for a university in his or her chosen field, generally while being paid a small stipend in combination with the bonus of free tuition. Graduate assistantships are quite competitive and will vary by university. For those students who excel in their field of study, however, they can be an excellent way to gain experience while continuing their education.

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