The Complete College Application Guide

The college application process seems stressful and intimidating if students don’t have any proper guide who can offer them good advice. There are many criteria such as to apply for entrance exams or the admission is just based on your school results. There are different requirements for different colleges. But it's all manageable as long as you stay organized and perform each process step by step. That’s why Mapmystudy - the leading study abroad consultants in Delhi are here to provide you with an application guide which will guide you with each step that will help you reach your dream college or university.

  • Complete Research-

Firstly you should be aware of the best opportunities of which college to choose and all the programs they are offering and you should know which program you really want to take admission in. You should check the ranking of the institute you are seeking to get admission in and thus proceed with the next step.

  • College Application Documents -

You should start gathering all the documents needed for the application process. These can vary from institute to institute but usually many of them include high school grades, Admission test grades, Portfolio, Personal essay, Letter of recommendation.

  • Admission Test-

If you are looking to study in the USA, then there are two major entrance exams needed for undergraduates one is ACT(American  College Testing) andSAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test). Both are standardized tests that take approximately 3 hours to complete. The scores you get in these tests are the major deciding factor of which college you are going to get admission in.

These tests are the deciding factor of your overall application process, therefore, it’s important to study beforehand to ensure that you’re well prepared.

  • Personal Essay -

The personalessay is one of the most important aspects of the college application. It really gives a chance for a student to stand out of the crowd and a great opportunity to impress the admissions team.
So you should practice writing essays right hand because it is hard to get a lot of complex thoughts in a short space provided.

  • Letter of Recommendation -

A letter of recommendation is very important to get admission in any reputed institute. The letter of recommendation from a reputed teacher can help you stand out more. A letter of recommendation gives them quick information about your achievements and your extracurricular achievements.

  • Admission Officer Interview-

An interview with one of the college’s admission officers is another application extra that can really go long way. Be aware that most officers don’t see the applicants before making a decision so taking advantage to sit down with someone can increase your acceptance chances. You can give an interview on a video call or a face to face interview.

  • Portfolio-

The portfoliois important as it gives the institute information regarding your achievements and accomplishments and thus you should focus on making your portfolio more attractive.

  • Aware of the deadlines-

You should be aware of the deadlines that colleges set and applying early increases your chances to get selected.


Mapmystudyis the best guide to help you get admission to your dream university. Mapmystudy provides you with proper guidance and also helps you in getting study visa easily.  We are the leading study visa consultants in Delhi and also provide you suggestionsthat how to get into best colleges of the world. Mapmystudy is a name which never disappoints its clients and helps you at every step you take towards your dream university. Our team will provide you with the best services we can provide. We are a reputed company and are known to provide quality guidance to our clients.


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