Study In Canada

Canada is one of the most desired places in the world to live and safe for students to study in. Cost of studying in Canada for International students is much lesser in Canada than its counterparts in competing countries without compromising on the quality of education.

According to the university’s guidelines, students must fulfill Study in Canada requirements in order to confirm admission in the applied institute.  This is inclusive of both academic and work experience documents. Although, all institutes have varied application process time, it takes up to 1 to 4 weeks processing time for all.  Admission confirmation for Research and master’s degree may be longer.

The foreign study visa application process time for a majority of the Visa Application is 4-8 weeks. The Local Embassy / High commission may want to interview the student for further clarifications on visa file. Students are asked to follow the recommended checklist for submitting documents for visa for assessment. 

  • If a candidate decides to study in Canada, he will gain point in three areas-language, education and work experience and additional points if he is young. An education in Canada can give valuable points for various immigration streams such as Express Entry or PNP streams. Get more updates from
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