An Analysis of the Perks of Studying In the U.S.A vs. Studying In India

You are not the only one. This is a question that most of the students and their families face on a regular basis. On one side, you have the comfort of living and studying in your own country and not having to leave behind all your ties. On the other, the trap of a foreign degree, global exposure, excellent research opportunities and the associated career benefits are equally attractive. Let’shave a look at some of the important reasons on why one should consider studying in the USA and the benefits that it offers.

A dream come true!

The dream of studying in the USA is no longer a distant dream, which only a few chosen people can afford. Today with the number of education loans and scholarships on offer; international higher education is much more accessible. If one can submit proper documents; have a good academic track-record and meet the eligibility criteria set by the bank; an education loan is guaranteed.

Hands of help

Scholarships open a whole wide world of possibilities. From private scholarships offered by companies and contributors to scholarships offered by various governments and educational institutions to boost research output; you can choose and apply for a relevant scholarship.


It is no secret that the research opportunities available in the USA rank way ahead of the facilities and funding offered in India. This is the primary reason for the migration of Indian students abroad. A majority of the students complete their research and stay on as faculty members. Some students return to India and take up teaching assignments or find relevant jobs.

Global Outlook

When someone studies in the USA; the exposure to a new culture and lifestyle will definitely dazzle them. As a student in a foreign land; the first few days may cause you to feel home-sick and lonely; but be rest assured after this initial phase you will transform into an independent and responsible individual. Living in a student resident hall fosters a sense of community-living and gives you a chance to meet students from other countries and understand their culture and lifestyle. This is when bonds of friendship are formed, which last a life-time.

Career Benefits

A degree from a prestigious institution like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Harvard University is definitely a great advantage when compared to a degree from a smaller Indian institution. This does not demean the degree offered by Indian institutions. Employers prefer to hire candidates who have completed a degree abroad with relevant academic scores and work-experience; over a student who has completed the same degree and has similar work experience in India. Additionally, studying abroad will also offer students a chance to secure a relevant job in our country. An international degree also commands a better pay-package!

Quality of Education

Premier Indian institutions like the IITs and IIMs are offering excellent courses that also have scope for doctoral research. A number of these institutions offer merit scholarships as well. Attempt as many exams as possible and consider higher education opportunities in India as well. Studying in the USA and staying away from your family is a very important decision that you need to make. If you are committed to achieving your academic goals, get admission to a course and institution of your choice and secure funding; go ahead take a leap of faith and fulfill your study abroad dreams!

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