Relive The Experience Of Study Abroad

You have now made your way back to your home country. The first and foremost thing you probably want and have been thinking about long before you boarded your flight is to relax after the long and tiring flight back home. Once you have readjusted yourself to the time zone and have successfully fought off the effects of jetlag, you would be eagerly waiting and be excited to answer the most frequently asked question by your family and friends: How was your study overseas in Australia or other English-speaking nation’s experience?

As every little moment comes as a flashback, you become more eager to share your stories of the most adventurous, funny and happy moments that you have lived and the long lasting friends you have made while in abroad. However, after a few weeks you may start slipping into a monotonous phase and begin to become nostalgic and may find yourself going down the memory lane and start missing your stay in abroad so much that you want to go back the very next day! In such situations you can avoid those nostalgic feelings and truly celebrate your journey overseas by creating some mementos to keep the experience alive. You had a life time opportunity to enjoy studying overseas in Australia or other foreign nation and you will want to look back on it often in years to come. Without a doubt the best time to document your trip is immediately after you come back to your home country while the memories are still fresh.

So, get hold of some crafty items to create a scrapbook of each and every experience of your trip in the foreign land. You can put in pictures and souvenirs that you brought back with you. Also, you can include some most memorable quotes from the trip and anything that is still fresh in your memories. These are great ways of letting your book tell your story.
Additionally, you can buy a big photo album and place all your pictures from your first day abroad till the day before your departure. This will help your listeners get a taste of your experience while flipping through the pictures.

More so, pick up some of your favorites out of the lot and put them in a large picture frame and hang your amazing frame for display! You can even prepare a slideshow, wherein you can explain what significance each and every picture holds for you.

Even becoming a producer is another exciting and interesting way to freshen up your memories whenever you want to! Make movie wherein you can record your voice to narrate the significance of the pictures you upload. It is a real fun way for your friends and family to sit back and watch a video of your life in abroad!

Try these simple yet fun ideas to capture your priceless memories so that you can actually show it to your loved ones and make it lively for them. So, let your creative juices flow and get into action! In case you haven’t been through this path of studying overseas, then it is time to contact us and one of our study abroad admission consultants can help you live this unforgettable memory that you will cherish throughout your lifetime. Our consultants have countless years of experience helping aspirants apply in their desired university or program, apply for the foreign study visa, fulfill the eligibility requirement for scholarships and also attain post study work visa for Australia or other most desired study abroad destinations.

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