Quality standards of study abroad consultants

Millions of students each year desire to study abroad, especially after graduating out of high school. This aspiration is more pronounced in developing countries like India where gaining admission in top universities is highly competitive. On the other hand, foreign nations like US, UK, Australia and Canada are home to a large number of top universities in the world.  This helps students confirm admission in one of their illustrious institutes and gain quality education.

A large number of students who are seeking to study abroad fail to gather the admission requirements and complete application at the right time, despite being a strong candidate. Study abroad admission consultants in Delhi are helping out thousands of such applicants confirm admission in their dream university and make dynamic careers. Mapmystudy lists the factors that determine the quality of service provided by study abroad advisors.

1. One-on-one personalized counseling: A study abroad counselor should consider certain facts before advising the student, such as his or her present qualification, grade in +2 exams, financial limitations and other aspects of the candidate’s personality that is of intrinsic relevance.  

2. Well researched selection of the institution: It is important to confirm the field of study and accordingly shortlist the universities to apply in.

3. Essay editing and application development: It is vital for the study overseas education consultants to understand the importance of the essay writing and assistance.  Experts in the admission panel consider these aspects as “fundamental” and give it a lot of weightage when granting the admission.  The experienced team of mapmystudy’s advisors claims that the qualified study abroad consultants should not underestimate this aspect of the application.

4. Preparing candidate for interview: It is best to assume that a student passing out of class 12 is generally amateur to face the admission panel for interview. The counselor needs to provide in depth knowledge and conduct ample mock interviews to prepare the candidate for this nerve wrecking interview process.

5. Getting the resume reviewed by professional: A resume is short biography of the applicant’s experiences and achievements.  Therefore, it must be proofread and approved by a professional and perfected to impress the admission committee.  The resume must be in sync with the admission requirement and leave a mark on the reader.

6. Consultation in a continuous manner: The student needs to be dynamically updated and guided throughout the admission process until he is established in the institution on foreign soil.

7. Scholarship facilitation: Majority of universities extend scholarship to foreign students with required potential. It is the responsibility of the study abroad admission consultantto educate the aspirant of the same and guide them in securing the scholarship and financial aid, if possible.

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