Study in Australia: How to get a scholarship in Australia?


Pushpinder Bhatia
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Study in Australia: How to get a scholarship in Australia?

Based on academic achievement, Australian educational institutions frequently award scholarships to qualified international students. 
Also Good News for students is this year many Australian Universities have started giving scholarships to students which can ranges from Full Academic Scholarship to partial scholarships from 5000 $ – 10,000 $ AUD which may be granted each year based on students’ academic performance

Some tips and tricks that can help you get the scholarship: 

Apply to Multiple Scholarships We advise you to submit applications for as many scholarships as possible because many are available in Australia. Don't limit your search to academic institutions; scholarships may also be available from residential colleges, the Australian Government, outside agencies, and your Government. Always check with your faculty to see whether they provide university scholarships for international students.

Engage in Community Participation

Although many scholarships are given to overseas students based on academic ability or financial need, keep in mind that other scholarships are given based on community service. This involves volunteering in the community or joining organisations, clubs, and sports teams. Make sure you mention any relevant activities in your scholarship cover letter because Australian universities frequently seek out students who are involved in their community and exhibit leadership qualities. Community involvement can strengthen your application, whether you're looking for scholarships based on your academic performance or financial need.

It's Always Safe to Apply Early

International students are usually recommended to submit their applications for admission and scholarships as soon as possible. There are few financial options for scholarships available at many universities. Therefore, you will be awarded more of the scholarship the earlier you apply.

Check the Eligibility Criteria

In scholarship applications, your eligibility requirements are very important. You must meet the required minimum scores to be eligible for the particular grants. In addition, some scholarships are exclusively valid for coursework and degree completion at a certain university. Therefore, you must meet all the scholarship conditions to have the best chance of receiving it.

Get Help with The Scholarship Applications

Your scholarship applications are crucial since they are frequently the only way to offer scholarships. As a result, your application must be precise and error-free. Unfortunately, a minor error could lead to the denial of your application. Common errors include poor presentation, poor detail, and bad spelling and punctuation. However, we at MapMyStudy can help you ace your scholarship applications! 

Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australia Awards Scholarship
Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award
Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
Macquarie University International Scholarships
Melbourne Research Scholarships
Adelaide Scholarships International
LaTrobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students 
Monash International Merit Scholarships
Victoria University Scholarship
Australian Government Research Training Program
Destination Australia Scholarship
Deakin University Scholarship
University of Newcastle Excellence Scholarship
Griffith University Academic Scholarship
Edith Cowan University Scholarship
Australia provides numerous scholarships for foreign students. Scholarships are mostly awarded based on merit, and applicants must provide evidence of their eligibility. In Australia, there are no requirements for scholarships. Therefore, the IELTS is the only test students might be required to take to prove their proficiency in the English language.
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