Women Education


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Women Education

It is a known fact that women together comprise half of the total population of the world. And it is also known that for any individual’s development, education is necessary because until a person is educated, s/he is not fully developed to take rational decisions. But these, two very known facts go parallel, when the question arises about women education. In our patriarchal society, a woman getting educated is not a fact that can be easily digested.

We all are aware that women have been fighting for their rights from centuries; Today, women not only want to get educated just for the sake of it but to become independent; economically, socially and mentally. We always tend to forget a famous saying, “An educated women, educates the whole family” and act in a manner which is in absolute violation of the human rights, to be specific. We consider women as machines that give birth to noble beings who can carry forward the lineage but we again forget that NO ONE IS BORN NOBLE, NEED TO MAKE ONE NOBLE and that can only be done if women are educated.

This discrimination can be stopped if they too study at different levels to explore the world to experience the diversification and contribute for better. When we see studying for future and advancement we generally look for the developed and advanced countries for that and then try to acquire the best of what we can have to certainly use it for better future prospects-for ourselves our family our society and our country. So if this is to be done for everyone then why not women?

If a women can do a tremendous job in the past years with the support given then we can just imagine her performance if she get a chance to perform at the global level. We have examples for that but we need the current generation to set their goals on their own. They only can understand the need of the hour amidst the challenges we are facing for women. These problems can be corrected if each and every women is educated enough to teach right and wrong to everyone in her family, society and country.

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