Why Is Australia Best Place To Study And Live?


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Why Is Australia Best Place To Study And Live?

Australia is a nation with fast growing economy and countless opportunities for its national and international students. Life in the growing cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth is similar to that of US and UK. These cities are also preferred by individuals across the world to study and live due to their high quality of life, world class infrastructure, low population and pollution - thus justifies their label as world’s best student cities.

The country offers ample work opportunities after graduation and the flexible laws for post study work visa in Australia are a blessing for those wishing to gain experience in the country after studies. The country also extends several internship options for students to work while study. There could be loads of reasons for you to work while studying such as to pay your bills or education loan, gain real world experience in your area of study or get a flavor of the Australian culture. According to the Australian law, most student visas allow you to work up to 40 weeks every 2 weeks. It is suggested, however, to reconfirm the same with the Immigration Department website. Australia’s highest minimum wages in the world is one of the several reasons that make the country a preferred choice amongst the Indian and International students.

The higher education system of Australia consists of approximately 41 universities out of which 37 of them are public, 2 are private, and 2 of them are Australian colleges of International universities. It’s also important to highlight that six of the Australian universities are featured among the top 100 universities of the world.

Education cost in Australia is comparatively lower than many other English speaking nations. On Average, the approximately cost of pursuing an undergraduate degree is around $20,000 per year whereas cost of post graduate studies is estimated to be $25,000 annually. This is a great advantage for the International students who wish to keep their cost low. So, if you have a dream of studying abroad but have limited financial resources, then contact us. We are a leading consulting name in international education with a team of experienced and qualified study abroad admission consultants who have counseled thousands of students in 2016.

On Campus Activities

Every university in Australia has a variety of on campus clubs and organizations for its students. Joining them can help you gain specific exposure and mingle with individuals from different parts of the world. This can be a life changing experience for those who are open to new cultures, ideas and activities.

Types of the clubs or organizations may include:

  1. Study groups
  2. Outdoor activities (surfing, rowing, cycling, hiking)
  3. Sports of various types (amateur to competitive levels)
  4. Book or movie clubs
  5. Religious organizations
  6. Gaming (board, video, card)
  7. Sexuality (LGBT awareness, etc.)
  8. Groups associated with your field of study
  9. Student Government
  10. Political Party Affiliation
  11. International Students Organization

In addition, there are various types of events held within the university campus such as notable speakers, workshops, fun activities, sports tournaments, concerts, sports events, bus and more. It is suggested to check the university website frequently for all the relevant and updated information.

Extracurricular Activities

Weekends in Australia are very interesting as you can participate in many extracurricular activities or visit the local or nearby attractions. Every college town has active nightlife, which includes bars and clubs, restaurants and other fun places to hang out with your friend and fellow students. As Australia is surrounded by water, most cities are not too far from the coast. So you can spend your weekend sun bathing at the beach or indulge into water activities. Australia also extends many adventurous sports such as rock climbing, hiking, biking, scuba diving, fishing, and even skiing in the mountainous areas. Also, the culture, landscape, and city life varies from city to city, thus giving a very unique experience to International students in Australia.With the country offering so much to its international students, you must not miss the chance to study and live in Australia. This can be made possible with the help of our study in Australia consultants in Delhi region who have placed thousands of students in top Australian universities in 2016

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