Want to Go Abroad for Graduation After 12th?


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Want to Go Abroad for Graduation After 12th?

Knowledge is the window to a successful life. Studying abroad can provide exposure to diverse cultures, develop independence, and broaden personal and professional networks. Additionally, gaining an international perspective can be an asset in a globalized job market. It also can provides opportunities to learn a new language, which can be valuable in many fields.

Having said that every year, students from all over India take admission in various colleges / universities and prepare for competitive exams. Many of them think of studying abroad after 12th, as well. Graduating from abroad can be a transformative personal experience that can help develop independence, self-confidence, and a global perspective.
The popular study abroad destinations for students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh are United States of America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand.

Here, we present certain benefits for you:

A definite command of the language 
Your exposure to the language, both in the University and in the society would increase manifold helping you get reenrolled in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and US.

A fusion of cultures 
You will make precious, enriched friendships from all over the world. Your vision will widen, helping you become an all-inclusive global human with refined and reasonable creative interests and perceptions.

Exposure to effectual & innovative teaching systems
The teaching practices are innovative and contemporary, designed deliberating the vocational value of the course.

Augmented employability
A foreign degree always sways a potential employer. He/she identifies you as an adventurous persona always willing to strive, to seek, and not to succumb. Foreign Universities also offer internship/apprentice provision to the students enabling them to gain incredible hands-on work experience.

Pursue your passion 
The prime advantage is the subjects and choices that you can choose from. Studying abroad after 12th lets you pursue your passion for engineering, as also the fine arts and humanities.

More flexibility 
There is more flexibility in the studies abroad universities. It helps you understand your key strengths and move towards your career in a specified domain.

Substantial benefits
You will not only gain a degree with vocational value; but learn to speak a new language, opening for you global career avenues.

Relatively secure 
Admissions for graduates in abroad universities are reliable than postgraduates. Universities abroad are more accommodating for Under Graduates than Indian ones including study duration, modes and minimum eligibility.

More economical 
It is more economical to complete your further education abroad than in private universities in Indian Tier 1 cities. The tuition fees for professional courses are lesser than Indian private universities/ colleges.

Opportunities to travel 
You get a chance to travel to varied parts of the world. Study abroad is a unique occasion to learn and discover many different things. 

Summing up

Knowledge is the gateway to a successful life. Every year, students from all over India take admission in various colleges / universities and prepare for competitive exams. Many of them think of studying abroad after 12th, as well. The popular study abroad destinations for them are USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and so on.

Certain benefits:

• A definite command of the language 
• A melting pot of cultures 
• Exposure to effective and innovative teaching methods
• Augmented employability
• Pursue your passion 
• More flexibility 
• Significant benefits
• Relatively secure 
• More economical 
• Opportunities to travel

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