The Right Educational Advisor: Who & Why?


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

The Right Educational Advisor: Who & Why?

At a time when most of us need to hurtle for our jobs or studies, we often wonder if an educational consultant would be a right choice for applying to foreign universities. It is often observed that most students often develop incorrect notions about studying abroad as they tend to gather information from disparate sources such as their friends and relatives, internet and countless foreign educational consultants. Eventually, all this inundating information appears like a Jigsaw puzzle with missing fragments. To study outside one’s home country is a serious affair; therefore, it is imperative that one does not get the wrong advice.

Firstly, an educational consultant must be capable to portend the career track of a student. The right consultant would always advise a student based on his requirements as well as future viability of a study program. Therefore, students must opt to consult experts to learn about right study programs and their career or academic progressions thereafter.

Many students have suffered at the hands of some foreign universities and colleges as they lured the students to apply to them directly without the intervention of any monitoring body. A credible service provider should be approved from the Academic and/or Immigration Authorities of the respective countries he represents. This ensures that applications get processed through authorized sources and students do not get duped by fake agents or universities. Students must also know if their educational consultants have themselves visited the countries and universities that they recommend.

A consultant can, and must make all the financial liabilities very clear to a student. Every step of the application, money transactions and refund policies should be explained to a student very clearly. An educational consultant can play a pivotal role in tracking the payments or claiming the refunds from the college on behalf of a student.

A knowledgeable consultant would help student find the right courses and guide him about the correct protocols of preparing application and VISA documents. Each stage, right from writing of essays to preparation for standardized tests to admissions should be carefully scrutinized by the agent to ensure perfect results. A fine orchestration of all these services allows better service to students. In other words, a good educational consultant would ensure smooth and timely admissions by removing the pain from the entire tedium of work that the application processes entail.

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