The Art Of Stretching Your Money While In Abroad


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

The Art Of Stretching Your Money While In Abroad

The most awaited time has come when you will be on the plane and head to study abroad in an unfamiliar land waiting to welcome you and bombard you with new, exciting and adventurous experiences. There is a completely different world that is awaiting your presence wherein you will explore your new home, dine on interesting cuisines and meet fascinating and vibrant people while getting to know so much about the world and a better and newer you!

The most important thing to keep in mind amongst all of this bizarre excitement is that these priceless experiences will not be paying for themselves! So, to get the most of your time abroad, whether you’ll be spending Pounds, Dollars or Yuan, read on to the following basic yet useful tips to make your money last longer while in abroad.

Plan a budget: This is one of the best ways to stretch your money till the time you are in abroad. Creating a financial or budget plan before even stepping onto the plane will ensure that you make your money last longer, as it will compel you to consider which activities you are genuinely interested in being a part of in abroad. It is of course not easy to set a budget as you don’t really know the exact cost of everything. It is still recommended to adjust your budget while in abroad and then ensuring that you stick to the final budget! It will be difficult initially, but you will get a hang of it as time passes by.

Public Transportation: The best and cheapest way to travel around in abroad is public transportation. Taxicab rides are expensive to move around on a daily basis. No matter how comfortable it is, it is too much to afford when it comes to travelling regularly. Buses and trains are without a doubt an excellent alternate. It is also an incredible way to get acquainted with the local people and their culture. Renting a bicycle or walking also is a great way to save money on transportation. Travelling this way will not only improve your geographical understanding of your host city but you will also find yourself feeling more active and fit!

Eat Like a Local: You are more than excited to binge on to some exotic cuisines, but get hold of yourself right then! You would be surprised to see how easily you spend hundreds of dollars dining out while in abroad. Instead of going out for meals, start your own grocery shopping and cook for yourself. You would save a lot of money and would also be able to maintain a healthy diet, additionally getting to know about the country’s food culture through food. You can order fast food or choose dining options in restaurants once in a while, but definitely not on a daily basis just because it is a more convenient option or because you can excuse yourself by saying that you don’t know how to cook. Learn cooking as soon as you reach there as you know you would gradually have to do the cutting and chopping all by yourself. Alternately, you might ask a local friend or your teacher to assist you, they would be more than happy and eager to introduce you to their local cuisine.

Explore your new home! : Get hold of a travel guide whom you can trust to find local attractions that are free or inexpensive. You are free to attend local festivals and celebrations in most of the places. Make friends with locals or other foreigners who have some knowledge about the country and its places, this would help you visit local attractions which are usually missed by tourists. You will develop some really good relationships with people in no time.

The trick is to basically eliminate wasteful spending and have a more disciplined approach in your saving. Consider talking to other students who have studied abroad to get more good tips from their experiences. Do not take stress, do not go broke! Plan yourself ahead to enjoy the most of everything!

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