Study in Canada : Why International students need more encouragement and support?

Study in Canada : Why International students need more encouragement and support?

Canada has been a popular choice for higher education for many Indian students, and various organizations in Canada now have strong feelings and demands to develop student-friendly policies during and Post Covid.
International students play an important role in Canada’s economy and provide the manpower the country needs. Canada is very active in attracting international students from India and China.
The education system is very popular in its respect, especially the Diploma in Cooperation Diploma.
However, students have encountered many challenges in the last year, including the years, concern and uncertainty, and now some peace and relaxation of the visa system are looking forward to many students. Canada’s reputation has grown in recent years, and it is now the third largest study site in the world for international students, supported by the Government of Canada, which seeks to attract international students.
However, the failure of government 19 creates many problems for international students in Canada and those who want to study in that country. The ability to retain international students as permanent residents and skilled workers is important in places where the workforce is shrinking, so the Government of Canada should begin a review of its international student support system.

There is no immediate solution to this problem, so ongoing and structured support for international students is key to attracting students to Canada.

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