Study Abroad to Get These Priceless Additions in Your Life


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Study Abroad to Get These Priceless Additions in Your Life

A limited and rigid view of the world is the result of living, studying and working in one place all your life. Studying abroad will help you in broadening and expanding that view. You automatically get ‘wings’ to your views and aspirations having studied abroad and get an interesting exposure to the world out there. You would be surprised to learn the significance of the traditions and cultures of your home country while staying abroad. Along with learning another country’s traditions, you will begin to have an understanding of your own culture and will keep it alive while sharing them with others. 

One of the most interesting benefits you have while studying overseas in nations such as Australia and United States is that you can explore into related subject matter at a university in another country depending upon your intended field of study. For example, an African citizen who intended to pursue a master degree in European history could have a huge advantage by spending a semester or a year studying the World War I in France, Italy or Germany.

It is often suggested that the best way to learn a new language is to spend an extensive amount of time in place(s) where the language is spoken or is majorly communicated in. One is forced to do interaction that would initially be completely foreign, but would definitely improve your foreign language skills greatly.

A level of social maturity is expected of you to achieve that most of us fail to develop back in our home country. Having to live in an environment where easy communication is no more a reality enforces you to develop your social skills to a great extent. You gradually begin to get the experience of what it is like to be an international student. You must actively participate and go to greater lengths to communicate regarding even the day to day issues. This could vary from grocery shopping, to going for a night out. This would only make you socially assertive and in turn would improve and boost your confidence and comfort level in various personal and professional settings.

The most rewarding and exciting experience of living or studying overseas in Australia and other English speaking nations is not necessarily easy. You would be facing many challenges, especially at the initial stages, but this would only offer opportunities for individual growth and maturity. You would be amazed to see a noticeable and impressive change in you, an individual with strong academic, personal and social skills.

Amidst all the wonderful things happening to you while in abroad, you are most likely to have the opportunity to travel in your host country as well as the neighboring countries. Do not, by any means, shy away or fear from experiencing such lifetime opportunities. To encounter the various cultures and their people will leave a lasting and deep effect on your thoughts and views, and how you qualify yourself in our global community.

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