Study Abroad Programs - 10 Popular Courses in Demand, Abroad


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Study Abroad Programs - 10 Popular Courses in Demand, Abroad

These are the times of high players. Seeking a high paying job is part of this trend and at times, even a priority. So, here flows our narrative about courses from foreign universities. 
For most of us, studying abroad boils down to two things, selecting an advanced course with better facilities and/or selecting a course that can offer a hefty package post-study. So, how do you decide which course will fetch you a good return and which would not? As securing a high paying job is now important, detecting the right courses intensifies, one such course being the STEM fields, that is, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
STEM fields stand tall as one of the highest paying jobs, turning graduates in these areas the most desirable candidates in the job market. Supported by the latest findings from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, unveiled in January 2017, STEM occupation is anticipated to grow and emerge among the top paid jobs in 2017. Likewise, STEM courses are best advised as the top paying jobs worldwide, although the demands and the reciprocating courses vary from country to country.

1) Course: Mechanical Engineering

  • Work profile: Design, develop and test machinery, parts and manufacturing processes spanning various industries
  • Designations: Mechanical Engineer
  • Occupational zones: Engineering services; Machinery manufacturing; Computer and electronic product manufacturing; R&D in physical, engineering, and life sciences; manufacturing of aerospace product and parts
  • Countries: US, UK, Australia, Canada
  • Typical annual salary: $83,590

2) Course: Civil Engineering

  • Work profile: Design, build, supervise, operate and maintain construction projects and systems in the public and private sector such as roads, buildings, airports, tunnels and systems for water supply and sewage treatment
  • Designation: Civil Engineers
  • Occupational zones: Engineering services; State government; Local government; Nonresidential building construction
  • Countries: Australia, US, UK, Canada, UAE
  • Typical annual salary: $82,220

3) Course: Actuarial Science

  • Work profile: Utilise advanced statistics and modeling software/techniques to evaluate risks in insurance and finance fields; forecast cost and probability of an event
  • Designations: Actuarial analysts; actuarial assistants; health actuaries; pricing actuaries; internal auditors; assurance managers; financial auditors; audit managers
  • Occupational zones: Finance and insurance; professional scientific and technical services
  • Countries: Australia, UK, New Zealand, US, Canada
  • Typical annual salary: $97,070

4) Course: Biomedical Engineering

  • Work profile: Utilise engineering skills in the medical field, design, research and create devices used in healthcare
  • Designations: Biomedical Engineer; Biomedical Technician; Biomedical Manager; Clinical Engineer; Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)
  • Occupational zones: Manufacturing of Medical equipment and Supplies; Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing; R&D in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences; Hospitals; Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
  • Countries: US, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, UK, Canada
  • Typical annual salary: $86,220

5) Course: Petroleum Engineering

  • Work profile: Work within varied subsectors (completion, drilling, production, and reservoir), and seek ways to capably extract oil and gas from below the earth’s surface with profit, environmental impact, and adherence to safety
  • Designations: Petroleum Engineer; Reservoir Engineer; Drilling Engineer; Production Engineer; Completion Engineer
  • Occupational zones: Oil and gas extraction; Support activities for mining; Management of companies and enterprises; Petroleum and coal products manufacturing; Engineering services
  • Countries: UK; Denmark; Netherland; Canada; New Zealand; US; Australia; Norway
  • Typical annual salary: $88,700

6) Course: Environmental Engineering

  • Work profile: Develop solutions for environmental problems, using the theories of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry; to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control, et al
  • Designations: Environmental engineering Technicians; Environmental Engineers
  • Occupational zones: Engineering services; Management, scientific, and technical consulting services; Waste treatment; Wastewater Treatment; Site Remediation; Pollution Control Technology
  • Countries: USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, UK
  • Typical annual salary: $84,560

7) Course: Computer Network Engineering/ Information Technology

  • Work profile: Plan, design and implement computer and information networks, viz. wide area networks (WAN), extranets, local area networks (LAN) and other data communications networks
  • Designations: Computer Network Architect; Network Security Administrator; Network Architect; Computer Security Specialist; Systems Administrator
  • Occupational zones: Wired Telecommunications Carriers; Computer Systems Design and Related Services, Satellite telecommunications; Wireless Telecommunications Carriers
  • Countries: Canada, US, Australia, UK, Ireland
  • Typical annual salary: $100,240

8) Course: Cyber Security and/or Computer Science

  • Work profile: Protect company’s computer systems and networks, and defend them from data breaches and cyber-attacks
  • Designations: Information security analyst; systems security administrator; cyber security analyst; firewall administrator; security architect; security engineer; security manager; security consultant
  • Occupational zones: Computer systems design and related services; information management of companies and enterprises; management consulting services; scientific and technology consultant services; depository credit intermediation
  • Countries: US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Israel, Australia 
  • Typical annual salary: $90,120

9) Course: Finance

  • Work profile: Advise clients on financial management, financial services sales or financial analysis as monetary experts. Also, offer financial advice on investments and retirement plans, and creating budgets, and discussing financial goals and concerns
  • Designations: Financial advisor; financial planner; financial investment advisor; portfolio manager; lending analyst; wealth strategist; personal banker
  • Occupational zones: Banks, savings and loan groups, financial investment firms, self-employed.
  • Countries: US, UK, France, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore 
  • Typical annual salary: $89,160

10) Course: Pharmaceutical Science

  • Work profile: Develop, test and manufacture new drugs; educate patients about medications. Also, assess the medication use, prepare and dispense medications
  • Designations: Pharmaceutical scientist; Quality control analyst; Pharmacy technician; Microbiologist; Medical publisher; Optical assistant/dispenser; Marketing research; Drug safety associate; Research assistant
  • Occupational zones: Drug Manufacturing Companies; Biotech Companies; Contract Research Organizations (CROs); Academic Institutions; Governmental Agencies; Hospitals
  • Countries: Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, US, Sweden, Denmark
  • Typical annual salary: $80,000 to $100,000 
Named as the “jobs of the future”, employment prospects for STEM-related skills still remain strong in developed and developing countries. This sector comprises diverse jobs like financial analyst, radiologist, ocean engineering, petroleum engineer, biochemist, mathematician, IT manager, accountant, mechanical engineer, software developer and more.

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