Study Abroad: How to get into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


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Study Abroad: How to get into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The principal objective of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is to enhance lives through research, education, and innovation. The MIT community works together to build a better future for everyone, united by this shared goal.

Being a student at MIT offers a unique chance to join this dynamic and varied academic community. If you're wondering "how to get into MIT University from India," this comprehensive guide has all the answers you need to realise your goal of attending MIT.


MIT is a well-known university that is highly regarded for its innovative research, excellent teachers, and outstanding students. You will have the opportunity to engage in innovative projects on campus as an Indian student and make connections with some of the most significant figures in science, technology, and engineering.

With access to cutting-edge programmes, resources, and facilities, you may acquire the abilities and know-how required to positively influence society. MIT can be the best option for you if you're someone who is driven by innovation and wants to change the world.

What GPA is needed to get into MIT?

There are no minimum GPA requirements for admission to MIT, so keep that in mind when planning your strategy. But to compete, you need to have a strong GPA because 97% of MIT Class of 2025 admitted students graduated in the top 10% of their classes. This means that while there are no minimum GPA requirements at MIT, you will mostly need As in all of your classes. However, in order to get your desired GPA, avoid taking easy courses.

MIT considers the difficulty of your course load in addition to your GPA. To demonstrate your ability to handle academic challenges, you should enrol in honours, AP, IB, or even community college courses.
You should aim for a weighted GPA of 4.17, even though there are no formal MIT GPA requirements. If you're a junior or senior currently considering your options for admission to MIT and your GPA is less than 4.17, be aware that an average MIT SAT or ACT score can make up for a lower GPA.

Acceptance rate at MIT

When determining how to get into MIT, one of the first things to take into account is the admission rate. The MIT Class of 2025 received an exceptional 33,240 applications, yielding an overall acceptance percentage of 4.0%. The admission rate for the MIT Class of 2025 has decreased to nearly half of what it was the year before due to a 66% increase in overall applications. According to Stu Schmill, dean of admissions and student financial services, the "permanent elimination of the SAT Subject Tests from well as the suspension of the MIT SAT scores and ACT scores requirement" are likely to blame for the larger pool of applicants.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Into MIT
The institute gives students the skills necessary to apply applied problem-solving and analytical thinking to even the most complex problems, enabling them to truly change the world. International applicants must meet their general institution requirements, which state:

  • Study SAT courses such as calculus and calculus-based physics for two semesters each.
  • Enrol in one semester of biology and chemistry each.
A strong foundation in mathematics is necessary to succeed at your ideal college; likewise, some prior physics knowledge is helpful. Most of the applicants enrol in subjects such as:
  • Calculus in math
  • a year or more of biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Two years of a foreign language and four years of English
  • Two years of social sciences or history
Test scores required for admission to MIT

Being accepted into MIT requires not only good SAT or ACT scores but also academic competence. This is a sample list of results from different standardised tests:
  • TOEFL: Recommended score of 100, at least 90
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE): Minimum: 65, Recommended: 70 IELTS: Minimum: 7, Recommended: 7.5
  • Qualifications for Cambridge English (C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency): 185 minimum, 190 recommended
  • Duolingo English Test (DET): Recommended: 125; Minimum: 120
SAT and ACT Scores Required for Admission to MIT

The data indicates that MIT SAT scores of 1500 are below average for MIT, with the midportion of the MIT Class of 2025 earning between 1510 and 1580. 75% of the admitted students in the MIT Class of 2025 achieved an ACT score of 34 or above.

Luckily, super score tests are permitted for candidates at MIT, so you can submit your best results from separate parts taken on different dates.

Documents required to get admission at MIT
  • Official school transcripts
  • A letter of recommendation
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS scores (for foreign students only)
  • Essays and personal statements
  • A statement of purpose
  • Resume or CV
  • Self-reported Coursework Form
  • Creative Portfolio (if required)
Research opportunities at MIT

In addition to the 30 departments spread among five schools and one college, there are dozens of centres, labs, and programmes that bring together professionals from different fields to tackle significant societal issues and explore new intellectual frontiers. All of these spaces foster thriving research. The efforts of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, research partnerships, and other international collaborations augment our on-campus research capabilities.

MIT is always creating relationships and organisations that support interdisciplinary work. These are only a few of the MIT laboratories, institutes, and programmes where ground-breaking science is conducted on a daily basis.

MIT also offers 'UROP'—the  MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme—where students work with eminent MIT faculty members on the fascinating, applied research projects that the Institute is now undertaking.

Remember that getting into MIT is a difficult objective for even the best students. Although the actual MIT GPA criteria are unknown, you will still need strong test results, impressive letters of recommendation, an almost flawless high school GPA, and impressive responses to the MIT essay. If MIT does not have any GPA requirements, make a plan to maintain a high GPA, be ready for the SAT and ACT as soon as feasible to meet the average MIT SAT score, and participate in extracurricular activities that show leadership qualities.

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