Make It Easy


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Make It Easy

Life becomes all the more worth living, if everything is pre-planned and prepared. Well, that’s how we would want our lives to be, but “life is full of surprises” as they say. We can’t really do anything about it except accepting, facing and living life with a positive attitude. Having said that, your plan of studying overseas in Australia, USA, UK or Canada for further studies does not need to fall in this category. Of course, it has some surprises stored in for you when you step into the paradise (and even before you do so), but most of them can be handled easily if you know some facts and quick tips to prepare yourself to make your stay abroad all the more interesting and happy, as it’s supposed to be.

In order to start crafting a Statement of Purpose, you should be clear in mind about three things in your head- What you want, why you want it and why you can benefit from that particular program that you wish to study. Your SOP is a projection of your honesty and a carefully considered presentation of your goals. As your study abroad admission consultants, we believe it is necessary to keep certain points in mind before you start writing.

Choose Interest over Popularity: Pay heed to the course you choose by making sure that it is of your interest. Do not chase for popular university / college. Instead, give importance to your choice and interest. Otherwise, it shall be difficult for you to mingle with the new country, new people and culture. It would really become difficult for you to get accustomed to everything if you do not like the college, course, people, etc.

Be your cultural best- Every country is different from one another. What may be liked or accepted in United Kingdom may be totally detested and unacceptable in China. Thus, it is very important for you to get hold of good amount of information about the country that you are going to. Starting from its culture, people to places, food and mannerisms. Try not to rely on television series, instead get hands on information to get some true and genuine facts about the particular country.

Test yourself - Make sure you have done your research on which English test you need to appear for before applying to a foreign country. Every student who wishes to pursue studies in abroad has to clear the IELTS or TOEFL tests. Before applying, confirm with your college about which test is applicable to the university / college you want to study in. It is advised to work on your English skills 6 months prior to the examination.

Comfort counts!- Comfort definitely counts once you are in abroad. You must understand that not all colleges can provide a suitable environment for foreign students, which makes studying there all the more difficult. Do your research about this important aspect before you apply.

We have a team of study abroad consultants who believe it’s important to take all the necessary steps to prepare well in advance before landing to your host country. Also try collecting some details of the native students studying in the country and get involved in groups made by students of your country studying in a foreign country and interact with them as much as you can to learn from their unique experiences.

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