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Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK


If you’ve ever thought about studying abroad, but have grades between from 50% to 60%, rest your worries. While the options may seem limited for those with low grades and GPA, studying in USA is still possible through excellent programs.
Yes, you’ve come to the right place and we’re here to help.
Students are made to understand that having a good GPA is the basic requirement for seeking admission into a university. That is simply not true. It’s not just your score that matters, it’s your overall profile.
You have only to be motivated and know where to look.
Keeping this in mind, a lot of universities are reducing their GPA requirements and welcoming different students with diverse profiles. We have tie-ups with hundreds of US colleges and universities but for convenience, we have collated some US colleges / universities with low GPA requirements.
• Devry University
• California Miramar University
• Northeastern Illinois University
• Northwest Missouri State University
• Texas State University
• University of Nebraska, Lincoln
• University of North Alabama
• Upper Iowa University
• Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU)
• University of Maine
*For details and more universities, contact us
Applying to universities
Relax about your low GPA. This never means that you wouldn’t be able to secure admission in a university abroad. Follow a few simple steps, while applying to universities, and you will move ahead even with marks below 40%:
• Explain the cause of your low grades – This can be in a personal statement / SOP / while in an interview. You can also draft a separate letter for this.
• A strong personal statement/statement of purpose will prove useful.
• Focus on subjects / study areas in which you have scored well. Though your general score may be low, you can focus on the subjects in which you’ve performed better.
• Decent scores in GRE / GMAT exams will enhance your application.
• Focus on other aspects of your application - incorporate significant professional experience, internships, project     experience, personal skills and expertise.
• Enroll in courses - Take up additional short certification courses online or otherwise, that would show the admission committee the skills you developed and help enhance your profile.
Documents necessary will depend on the course and of course, the university you are applying to. Following are the standard documents required:
• Completely filled application form
• Personal statement – explaining your motivation for choosing the program and University, explaining your low grades, any relevant skills and experience you have (through study / work), your future career goals and how this program will enable you to achieve it.
• Academic Transcripts
• Copy of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Copy of English language test scores
• Copy of GMAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT test scores
• Self-attested X & XII mark sheets and certificates
• 2 references, if required
• Copy of Passport
• Resume’
• Portfolio (for design courses)
• Research Proposal (for PG research programs)
• All academic transcripts should be necessarily translated into English.
Summing up
If you’re worried about low grades and still want to study abroad, don’t worry. Having a good GPA is the basic requirement for getting admission into a university. But that is not true. It’s not just your score that matters, it’s your overall profile. You have to just motivated and know where to look. We’ve tie-ups with hundreds of US colleges / universities but for your ease, we have collated some with low GPA requirements. Do follow a few steps while applying to universities, which will help you in your admission. Check and recheck the documents required.
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