In Conversation with Ms. Dana Serikbay | University of Massachusetts Boston |MapMyStudy #StudyAbroad

MapMyStudy - EduClub has interviewed Ms. Dana Serikby, Product Sales Manager at The University of Illinois Chicago. Shorelight group offers 3,000+ US university programs for every student level, across any modality. Shorelight provides unparalleled support to us and to our students, both in the technological arena and in the human touch it brings to every interaction. Ms. Dana talks about The United States Top Tier number 1 Universities which are:- 1. University Of Illinois- Chicago’s only Public Research University for Undergraduate and Post Graduate programmes. 2. University Of Massachusetts- Known for its Undergraduate Programmes, STEM degree programmes, Business Analytics, Information Technologies, MBA programmes and Computer Science Programme. 3. University Of Pacific- Offers amazing programmes in Computer Science, Data Science and Engineering.

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