In Conversation with Ms. Courtney Cannon & Geetha Kuruba - University of North Texas

MapMyStudy - EduClub has interviewed Ms. Courtney Cannon, International Recruiter and Geetha Kuruba Regional Manager - South Asia at University of North Texas, USA.
University Of North Texas a public research university, the University of North Texas (UNT) was set up in 1890 and caters to research and higher education in Texas. A member of the University of North Texas System.
Ms. Courtney  talks about the universities favorable  location in Denton, the fourth-largest metropolitan area. In addition she talks about 106 undergraduate prgrammes, 96 graduate prgrammes and 38 PHD prgrammes available for students. She further talks about the popular courses among students.
To conclude Ms. Geetha talks about the UNT Academic excellence scholarship how one can can apply for it and student support available for international students.

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