In Conversation with Mr. Tim Rudling - The Hotel School, Australia- MapMyStudy #studyabroad

MapMyStudy - EduClub has interviewed Mr. Tim Rudling, Head Of Sales and Marketing at The Hotel School Australia. The Hotel School delivers Southern Cross University courses and is the only hotel school in Australia formed through a unique partnership between a public university and a global hotel investment group. Mr. Tim talks about the partnership between education and industry. Education being associated with Southern Cross University and in the Industry side , Tim talks about being a part of MOFA which is multi billion dollar investment company which invests in various areas like Real Estate, Education and majorly in Luxury Hotels. In addition he talks about that they go by the motto that study with us and work with us. Furthermore he talks about various undergraduate prgrammes and Business degrees made available to students. To conclude Tim talks about the four campus location which comprises of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hayden Island and how they are convenient for international students. He further adds that students have the unique opportunity to study and work at luxury hotels along with a course of two year program students will have the opportunity to earn more than the tuition fees paid by them.

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