In Conversation with Mr. Andrew Yang | The University of Dayton, Ohio |MapMyStudy #StudyAbroad

MapMyStudy - EduClub has interviewed Mr. Andrew Yang, Recruitment Manager at The University of Dayton. Shorelight group offers 3,000+ US university programs for every student level, across any modality. Shorelight provides unparalleled support to us and to our students, both in the technological arena and in the human touch it brings to every interaction. Mr. Andrew talks about the University being located in Dayton, Ohio one of the top STEM cities in The United States and also being called as a top tier University. In addition he talks about various Undergraduate programmes and scholarships up to $ 25,000 per year available for Undergraduate students.To Conclude he talks about Postgraduate and Graduate Programmes ranging from Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Business Analytics and Masters of Law available for students at the University.

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