In Conversation with Mr. Alejandro Cobos | University of Illinois Chicago | MapMyStudy #StudyAbroad

MapMyStudy - EduClub has interviewed Mr. Alejandro Cobos, Programme Sales and Marketing Manager at The University of Illinois Chicago. Shorelight group offers 3,000+ US university programs for every student level, across any modality. Discover our first-year, transfer, and English-language academic offerings; award-nominated digital classroom experiences; and outcome-driven career initiatives. Mr. Alejandro talks about 5 different Universities which are:- 1.Cleveland State University known for its Masters in Information Systems and Computer Science. 2.University Of Dayton known for its Undergraduate Scholarship making it the most affordable option. 3.Western New England University known for its Engineering programmes such as Industrial and Engineering Management. 4.Adelphi College in New York well known for its Business Analytics, Supply Chain programme and MBA programmes. 5.University Of Wyoming known for being best Public Research University.

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