Impact Of Social Media On Society


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Impact Of Social Media On Society

Social media is one of the mediums in our society which serves the needs of diversified population at a common platform. People from around the world can have the availability and useful information as per their convenience.

Social media has left many inevitable effects on the society because this is one media in today’s time which is being used globally and growing .There are many effects to its end such as useful information provided on different mediums and in different forms.

Today we can have any sort of accessibility at any time with the help of social platform offered by Social Media. In short, it is safe enough to say that the world has become a smaller place. We have the connection and a give and take relation in our day to day lives. Banking services to matrimonial sites - Every network is being used to facilitate the busy schedules of the current population.

People are experiencing the importance of social media and the different services it has to offers. Also, when it comes to education it becomes far more important and necessary to provide information through various services for the students because they are the one who will take it to another level with betterment in future prospects.

Social media and online-services have done a lot of work at the Education front as we can see the submission of application forms to fee, accommodation-search to visa. Today people can avail any facility with ease and prefer it for its growing importance and no difference in the usual form.

Today we are using online services to simplify our lives because we are doing multiple tasks in a day and we need time to manage a lot more which is being done in a proper manner by social media.

We watch this current generation to be much more advanced and techno-friendly due to arrival of Social Media. With this option we are expressing ourselves in a more confident way and trying to achieve every other thing from the available resources. There are many advanced countries using online-services just like any other service. Whether in supermarket or in classroom, you don’t even need to be in classrooms and yet have study time being with teachers, these services are for one’s own convenience and easy accessibility to be used in ways to achieve maximum benefit. Social media is also playing important role of knowledge building for people and creating a far bigger awareness than any other media format could. Students have used social media to not only connect with students from around the world but have also used this to better understand their new environments’ etc...

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