How Much Does Ivy League Tuition Cost?


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

How Much Does Ivy League Tuition Cost?

Students seeking higher education in the US have long been fascinated by and aspirational to the elite educational institutions. The Ivy League schools are not only fascinating but also very expensive, yet the best. Let us find out how much, on average, tuition fees cost at Ivy League schools!

Ivy League School

2022-2023 Tuition Fee
Harvard University $52,659
Princeton University $57,410
 Brown University $65,656
University of Pennsylvania $56,212
Dartmouth College $76,362
Yale University $64,700
Cornell University $62,456
Columbia University $65,524
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An Ivy League education is not inexpensive. Although tuition can be pricey overall, many US schools provide top-notch instruction at reasonable costs. In addition, scholarships and grants are accessible if you're set on graduating from an Ivy League institution. Examine the financial aid options provided by the Ivy League institution of your dreams.

Ivy League schools are generous with financial assistance because they share the goal of achieving inclusivity by ensuring tuition costs don't prevent students from enrolling. So, in reality a lot of applicants to Ivy League institutions may have the opportunity to finish their undergraduate degrees without taking out any student loans.

The financial assistance guidelines for each Ivy League institution show that most institutions do not require students to take out loans. Instead, they offer scholarships and grants that need not be repaid.

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