Does 12th marks matter for studying abroad?


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Does 12th marks matter for studying abroad?


A steady academic record is always better and opens many doors. Your 12th board marks are vital for being selected easily abroad. However, all is not lost. There is hope and there are ways. Be with us.

If these questions arise in you about studying abroad, we’re here to help.

What if did not do well in my 12th standard can I still get admission in US universities?

Yes you can still apply and get admission in US universities, a good career counselor / admissions counselor will be able to assess your profile and then give you advise on possible US university choices. There are many US universities that do not only ask for very high scores from students.. so choice is big even with low scores.

Can I not wait till my completion of 12th standard exams and then, apply to US universities?

US universities start assessing applications and make admission decisions when you're still in your 12th standard, so you need to apply during the months of September - October while still in 12th standard. The institutions examine your 9th, 10th and 11th standard marks. And when you've got admission and completed your 12th standard, they evaluate your 12th marks as well.

Do I need to focus on my marks as well, I don't really see any indication of cut-off marks or minimum scores for admission?

Though a university may not declare any cut-off or minimum marks, the most important criterion for admission into a university are well, your marks. Not just of the 12th standard but also of your 9th, 10th and 11th. 

Why should I care about my high school marks, when I’m centred on notching high marks on the SAT?

First and foremost, your high school marks and your SAT scores are tow different ratings. The SAT score is assessed besides your high school marks. It is important that you sustain a strong school academic record. Most of the institutes always first assess your last academic result

I’ve done well in 10th and intend to do well in my 12th. Does low 11th standard marks matter?

Remember, the answer lies in stability! You need to display that your academic record is regular and is on the rise. If there are other circumstances that led to a dip in your scores, you should certainly provide an explanation but you won't be able to explain away a whole year of bad marks. Sometime Institute do assess 11th result in each subject so don’t drop your focus in 11th.  

Summing up

A consistent academic performance is better. Your 12th board marks matter for being selected easily abroad. However, there is hope and there are ways.
US universities start reviewing applications and make admissions decisions while you're still in your 12th standard, so you need to apply during the September October months of your 12th year. Even though a university does not mention any cut-off or minimum score, the single most important consideration for admission into a university are your marks.
Your high school marks and your SAT scores are not mutually exclusive. The SAT score is reviewed in addition to your high school marks so it is important that you maintain a strong academic record in school. Consistency is key! You need to demonstrate that your academic performance is consistent and preferably on an upward trajectory.
Marks matters but you can still study abroad. Be with us.
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