Best IELTS Tips to Improve Your Score | IELTS Exam


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Best IELTS Tips to Improve Your Score | IELTS Exam

Addressing the pre-exam jitters – How to ace IELTS?

Have you already registered for the IELTS? Do you want to score well and get into the University of your choice? But the jittery feeling surrounding the test pattern has made you restless? Then it is time to get away from those fears and focus on the test.

Let us address five most common fears associated with IELTS exam and how you can overcome them. After all, confidence is the key!

1. What if I skip the listening audio and lose focus?

You’re not alone. Even a seasoned IELTS  trainer can end up in a similar situation. More often than not, we tend to get lost on our thoughts and we lose focus. This can happen because of worrying too much or maybe losing your calm. They key here is to practice as much as you can. Lock yourselves up in a room, set the timer, and practice as much as you can. And yes, don’t forget to leave your worries home on the test day!

2. Is it alright to take pauses while speaking during the Speaking Module?

It certainly is. The examiner has been appointed to check how well you speak using clear and concise language and not to test your behavior pattern. If you think taking a brief pause while addressing a question gives you that little bit of tiny more time to think, that is completely okay.

3. I don’t have good words in my vocabulary. Is it okay to repeat words in the Writing module?

The exam is designed to test the level of a non-native English speaker not your vocabulary. Vocabulary however too is important but the examiner will not be expecting you to use ‘high-end’ words in your essay. They key is to grasp few synonyms to common words. For example, instead of using ‘Interesting’, try using ‘Compelling’, ‘Thought-Provoking’, or ‘Engrossing’.

4. I don’t have a good accent and there is a touch of my mother tongue in my pronunciation.

It is the most common fear which bothers most students. It has been reiterated by most IELTS examiners that the accent or mother tongue influence does not affect your score. The IELTS exam is designed to test your language, not your accent. So drop those worries and focus on how well you speak!

5. What if I can’t get the desired score in first attempt?

There is no limit to the number of IELTS exams you can take however it is always advisable to practice as much as you can before the test date. IELTS not just tests your language but also how well you can manage your time. Still in case, you fail to achieve the desired score, you can fill another test. In case you are more comfortable using a computer, computer delivered IELTS is now available.

There are no short-cuts to clearing the test. It is always good to speak to someone who has appeared for the test before in case you feel nervous. Happy prepping to you!

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