Are Study Abroad Consultants Perfect for Your Overseas Education?


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Are Study Abroad Consultants Perfect for Your Overseas Education?

Well yes and how. Let us explain in a free-wheeling communication with you through various points. Read on. 

Do you dream of better prospects? 

Foreign or Overseas Education is a dream for students who desire to study and discover new opportunities and ways to brighten their bright career. Students and even their parents are very enthusiastic about sending their children abroad for higher studies for better prospects and often, a better life. Your Study Visa Consultants can make it possible. 

How authentic and updated is your information?

In this digital age, students feel that they can find all information on the internet. It’s true that while the internet has numerous tools to support you in your education abroad, the most important aspect is authenticity. There is no assurance that every information will be reliable and revised. Sometimes, outdated information creates problems.

Why not take assistance from experts for your education abroad? 

Study overseas requires a lot of paperwork and formalities which is not easy per se. To overcome these barriers, you need to hire consultants for abroad education. Some experts possess years of experience. They provide better advice on courses, colleges or universities, accommodation, and employment. These overseas education consultancies also help students achieve their goals. There are more problems that students face in the entire process of obtaining their Study Visa. Relax and seek help of Study Visa Consultants in Delhi, India for your abroad education

Are you aware of the role of these experts?

Overseas education consultants play a vital role in assisting and helping students in easy or hassle-free application or paperwork processing. Students should ideally approach an education consulting agency to know more about their desired course, university, or country. They can improve their academic profile and experience, to secure great jobs by studying abroad. The task of consultants is to coordinate with the student and the university to ensure admission. Fulfill your curiosities and queries with the help of Study Visa Overseas Education consultant Consultants in India.

Why not save precious time?

When you’re dealing with all these things, not only are you investing money but your time too. You can very well use it in your studies and other activities. That is precisely why most students now seek consultants for overseas studies. They not only save your money but also help save your time. Invest wisely. Save time with reputed Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi.

How are you going about it?

If you’re trying to find the best abroad education consultancy to help you with your higher study, you need to ensure that this overseas education consultancy possesses the required qualification and experience to offer relevant consultancy services. Also do check if they are certified or recognized by institutes globally. Studying in a foreign country today is no longer a distant dream which only the affluent can afford. The right guidance and financial aid makes it much easier to enter higher international universities. Go for the Best Overseas Education Consultant in India.

How can you avoid the pitfalls?

Going overseas for higher studies is thrilling for all. However, in foreign universities, you have to educate yourself personally with the admission criteria. You may face several challenges if you seek to satisfy all the formalities at your end, and one mistake can lead to rejection of your application. Your Study Abroad Consultants in India are experts in their stream. They are experienced in offering the best consultancy to their clients.

What other advantages can experts offer?

They can guide you with the best courses, the selection criteria, universities, paperwork, visa formalities and more. Experienced Study Visa Overseas Education Consultants in India mainly do career counseling to understand your requirements and assist you in selecting the best course and university. They ensure that the entire process is steered smoothly. Smooth tie-ups with abroad universities help you to get admission to top Universities. 

So, which road are you walking?

Whatever your road, make sure to reach your destination. Your Study Visa Consultants can direct you to get a visa on time and easily with all the requirements. They can help you complete all the paper formalities and guide you through the language certification that is required in the visa process. A reputed education consultant in India has links with the banks and financial institutions and assists you in providing education loans if needed. Top foreign education consultants in India play an important role in opening career windows for students and leading you on the road of success and pride. Walk the road of success and pride with ease.

Why not simply think of Map My Study?

Map My Study is one of the best education consultants in India and the sub-continent with support services in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well with more than three decades of experience in the field of overseas education consultancy. We offer the best possible career options. Our network is growing and most of the students are receiving the best options they’re seeking. The support of students and the hard work of our team, has made us the Best Overseas Education Consultants in India in the eyes of many. We exclusively focus on providing opportunities for studies abroad.

What else can you expect from us?

As India’s Best Overseas Education Consultant in India, we offer the best admission services including proper documentation, easy visa approval, financial assistance from the right place, getting a job in a foreign country during and after education, etc., as well as providing guidance and overall information related to studying abroad. Selecting an educational consultant abroad is a demand of time and you should contact one before applying for study abroad. Get the best from the Best Overseas Education Consultant in India.

What is your true reason to study abroad?

While many countries around the world are expanding their educational sector quickly in terms of quality and quantity, many students still want to go to study abroad. There could be many reasons why a student wants to go abroad for studies like global exposure, improved communication skills, learning new cultures, learning with more updated technology, et al.

Now, how about seeking professional help?


Your professional Educational Consultancy offers these and more:

  • Evaluation of profile
  • Career counselling
  • Selecting the university
  • Education Loans
  • Admission Processing
  • Documentation & Financial Estimate
  • Statement of Purpose Preparation
  • Assistance for accommodation, lifestyle and managing finance
  • Safety and Security
  • Applying for student visa
  • Job Availability in Abroad Countries

Still Confused?  Come to Map My Study


If you are confused and have more queries about studying abroad, then don’t hesitate. Map My Study is the place for you. We are certified by the government regulatory bodies of various countries. Visit your nearest Map My Study office today to get more information about how you can realize your study abroad plans quickly, safely, professionally, and in the best possible way.

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