Alternatives Uncovered - Pathways To Top Universities


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Alternatives Uncovered - Pathways To Top Universities

The preceding decade saw the rise of competition among students like never before. In this age of competition, it's not unusual to find bright young students left out from the admission process of the premier colleges and Universities. These students, who are unable to showcase their caliber through mere scores and percentages, have much more to explore these days than just compromise with 'average' universities and colleges. Thanks to the innovative educational systems, that top universities from around the world are no more out of reach.

This breakthrough in education has arrived due to the advent of 'Pathway programs. As the name suggests, Pathways are the alternate modes of education that aid in the transition of a student from Colleges to top tier universities. They can be viewed as launch pads as they have relaxed admission requirements and provide a route to universities where admission is not easy. This is especially beneficial for the students who could not get the admission into a particular university directly. Pathways also serve as Pre-degree programs that compensate for deficiencies in previous education of a student.

The Colleges that offer pathways are an integral part of their respective partner Universities, based within the University Campus. Therefore, the students have access to the same resources as a University student. This also enables a student to complete the degree at the same time as a University student. In a nutshell, a student opting for this route always remains in a win-win situation.

Following are the few benefits that Pathway Programs offer :

  1. Colleges provide a supportive learning environment for students.
  2. Small Class size ensures a lot of personal attention and support.
  3. Colleges are based on the partner university campus. Students have access to university facilities such as libraries, computer centres and social facilities. Students may also avail residence.
  4. Guaranteed Entry into 2 years of Bachelors in Partner Universities after successful completion of the course.
  5. Multiple Intakes per year help students save their time.
  6. Safe and secure campuses.
  7. Relaxed entry requirements as compared to the university.
  8. University-designed programs that help international students adapt to the foreign education system.
  9. Tutorial classes and one-on-one meetings with instructors.

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