5 Tips For Amazing Canada Study Abroad Experience


Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

5 Tips For Amazing Canada Study Abroad Experience

Canada - a country widely known for its culture, diversity, and climate. Entering into a foreign last will give you an exposure to the new ideas and different ways of living and learning. It has become an ideal spot for higher education studies. With the help of Canada education consultants in Delhi - one can get hold of the complete guide and procedure to apply and have an abroad experience.
Here are few of the tips that will help you make your study abroad experience in Canada the best.
# 1: Be prepared for the cold: Canada is known for distinct seasons and temperatures. Make sure you invest in good quality warm clothing. Keep yourself in layers of clothing as the temperature change from inside to outside. In case of any extremities, make sure that you seek medical assistance just to be sure. Prepare yourself beforehand for the colder months as it gets colder.
# 2: Stay safe: You will have to follow certain rules and regulations for your own safety, as you would do the same for another country. Even though Canada is a safe country, safety also lies in your hand. Registering with the country’s embassy beforehand for all information is a good idea. Keep the contact details of your campus security and all the important phone numbers including your study abroad consultants.

# 3: Organize your finances: Make sure you have a full list as to where you are supposed to pay your fees - be it your traveling expenses, or errands or anything. You can easily get the list from the international office at your university or from the study overseas consultants. It will help you surpass the unpleasant surprises. Plan ahead, work on your budget every month and stick to it. Being disciplined in a foreign land will not only make you responsible but will also leave you out of stress and saving money.
#4: Accommodation for foreign students: You will find several options when it comes to accommodation. If you are studying in Canada, you can either opt to stay on campus which will provide you with greater benefits, with the benefit of easy access to the University. You can also find homestays which are another great option available with easy on pockets criteria; several students claim that home stays provide them with the feeling of being at home. You can refer to Canada education consultants in Delhi to know on more information of the accommodation availability. 
# 5: Cut costs: Make sure you are cutting cost in all the expenses. Before you leave for your study abroad experience in Canada, it is important that you maintain adequate funds. Always remember to keep a little extra aside and cut costs as much as possible. Try and get a fair idea of your spending via a relationship manager. Make sure you are keeping a constant track of the exchange rates to get the most value out of the dollar.’
If you are confused even now, you can go for the detailed educational plan that encourages students to pursue jobs during their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies. One can stay up in the country after graduation for work opportunities. In Canada, students can combine an enriching academic life with diverse and entertaining leisure activities.
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