Canada: International students need more encouragement & Support

Canada: International students need more encouragement & Support

Canada has been a popular choice for many Indian students for their higher education and now there is a strong sense and solicitation by various bodies in Canada wanting to make more student friendly policies during and Post Covid. International students play a vital role in Canada’s economy, and provide the country with a much needed source of labour. Canada has also been very proactive about attracting international students especially from India and China. Their well respected education system, specifically co-op diploma programs have been very popular with Indian students  

However, students have been facing numerous challenges including visa processing delays and high levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty for the past year, and now with some relaxation in visa system and opening of borders gave some hope to many students.

Over the past few years, popularity of Canada has grown and now it’s the third ranked study destination in the world for attracting international students, a trend the government of Canada had supported with its commitment to attracting more international students. However, disruption caused by Covid-19 has meant that foreign students in Canada and those trying to reach the country to study, have faced numerous challenges.

The ability to retain international students as permanent residents and skilled workers is seen critical for regions with a declining labour force, so it becomes more important for the Canadian government to review and possibly initiate more international student friendly support system during the Covid period as we don’t see an immediate end to it hence sustainable and structured support for international students is the key to keep attracting students to Canada.

Report from PiE also gives more insight

Pushpinder Bhatia
Founder & CEO